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JLogger is a creating and management log tool. It makes considerably easier the debugging and optimization stages of your application's development without reducing its performances, because of its modular and multithreading conception. Intented to Java developers, it will increase your productivity in the development framework, in small project or in larger applications.
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Most of Java developers uses a simple but effective method to manage debugging in formations: "System.out.println()". It is simple to use, but this method could not be used in a development somewhat important, and could not create a strong, reliable and reusable code. On the other hand, there is no pre-processor in Java, and adding debugging code explicitly and tracing your application makes the code heavy and above all, it leads to important declines in performances. And when debugging is over, you have to resume your code study to remove the debugging lines.
JLogger is a tool that meets these requirements. It is very useful for each Java developer, because of the simplicity of its implementation, and of its efficiency. It uses a very powerful mechanism that ensures report to be dispatching to one or more outputs of different types: the console, a XML or HTML file, or even a server or a database. Each output has it own format, suitable for its type, and a report level. It is also possible to create different spies, each one with its outputs, format and level, or to have the same for all. This way, you can manage with totally different ways the informations that are likely to be generated by your program. JLogger has been written to not lower performances. In the outputs, the formatting tools, or simply in the decision of print in formations or not, all has been done for your application to be as quick and reliable as possible. It is perfectly suitable for multithread or network programming (more particularly for JSP and Servlets because of its integrated server). It is also opened to any improvements, and developing your own outputs and formatting tools is really simple.
JLogger is the ideal assistant for every developer, in the development, debugging, deployment or using stages, and it will quickly become essential.
JLogger is a project hosted by sourceforge.net, and distributed under the GPL license. Under this licence's terms, you can use JLogger in your software realisation and redistribute it under the same license.
JLogger is a free software. This means that you can use it, modify it, and redistribute it. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to tell us about your modifications, so that we can share these and optimise as far as possible the software so that everybody might take advantage of it.